developed by bari newport

Producer/Artistic Director,  PASADENA PLAYHOUSE-  Hothouse New Play Development, 2009 – 2010.  

Found and provided developmental support for new plays by Joshua Ravetch, Lee Blessing, Frank Tangredi, Stephen Metcalfe, Allison Moore, Jason Aaron Goldberg, Theresa Rebeck, Nilo Cruz and a new musical by Blake Edwards; designed season to include performances by Angela Bassett, Beau Bridges, Annette O’Toole, Loretta Swit, Robert Forster, Holland Taylor and other veteran actors; cast plays; nurtured local community of new play enthusiasts, ensuring full houses for each Hothouse performance; created popular on-line audience surveys for continued play development; gainednational recognition through targeted marketing campaign; oversaw and maintained fiscal responsibility of generous Steinberg Foundation grant, which supported all Hothouse activities.  



Associate Producer, Horizon Theatre Company: MADALINE'S CHRISTMAS, 2008. 

Produced first “family theatre” production for 25 year old theatre company in heart of Atlanta. worked with development director to bring in $20,000 in new sponsorships; organized 24 families; created community partnerships (Zoo Atlanta, GirlScouts of Greater Atlanta, ImagineIt Children’s Museum) and marketed show which brought in $40,000 additional revenue.  


Associate Producer, 146 QUESTIONS, 2008. 

Secured additional funding for short film, directed by Michael Uppendahl (mad men; weeds).  


Producer, Florida Repertory Theatre: COMMISSION OF BOLD NEW WORKS: 2006, 2007. 

Developed partnerships with Edison & Ford winter estates and the lee county electric co-op by commissioning playwrights Katherine Schultz miller and Eric Coble, to write original, topical plays which each toured to over eighty schools.  


Producer, Florida Repertory Theatre: Congress Jewelers New Play Reading Series, 2002- 2004.

Produced subscription series of brand new plays; read over three hundred plays and chose the six best plays each year; cast plays, hired directors and conducted forum for audience feedback for play development.  


Producer, Florida Repertory Theatre: CAMP FLORIDA REP, 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007.

Conceived and executed six summers of well attended, fun and educational theatre day camps for young people 5-18 years old; hired teachers, created curriculums, marketed and promoted camps; in 2006 the camp served 350 children and grossed $30,000.  


Producer, Florida Repertory Theatre: CHILDREN'S TOURING PRODUCTIONS, 2002-2007.

 Chose plays, executed production, and booked two plays each season; each play performed eighty tours a year at schools in three counties.  


Artistic Director/Founder, Los Angeles:USC Theatre Library Project, 1996, 1997.

 Conceived, organized and directed two large-scale, fundraising cabarets to benefit the creation of a much needed usc theatre library; the success of these cabarets led to the creation of the Bill White Memorial Library, which is now in its ninth year as a functioning library.  


Artistic Director/Founder, Los Angeles: USC Children’s Theatre In The Park, 1995, 1996.

Conceived and directed two, full scale children’s theatre productions for over 5,000 inner city children; wrote grants to fund program; original costumes and scripts. performances were FREE. James and the Giant Peach (1995); The Stories of Dr. Seuss (1996).  


Founder, University of Southern California: BILL'SVILLE, 1996-1997.

 Created a popular once a month forum for professors and students to share performance work.  


Founder, Williamstown Theatre Festival: Drama In Day Care Program, 1996.

Developed program at day care facility where young children learned about Williamstown by meeting artists-in-residence; created a curriculum that culminated in a presentation of their work for invited audience.  


Co-Founder/Director, Williamstown Theatre Festival: Williamstown Goes Solo, 1996.

 Co-developed month-long workshop where thirty young people wrote original pieces of solo performance; twelve pieces were chosen and produced.  


Producer/Director, Williamstown Theatre Festival: Cabarets At The Williams inn, 1995, 1996. 

Organized + conceived cabaret events starring celebrities: and the world goes ‘round, 1995; a Kurt Weill cabaret, 1996, (the Kurt Weill cabaret was also a successful benefit for the american cancer society).