Directed by Bari Newport

Penobscot Theatre company


Boeing-Boeing-  2012
Set and Costumes by Lex Liang
Lights by Jonathan Spencer

Doctor Cerberus- 2015
Starring Amy Roeder*, Dominick Varney, Brad LaBree, Mark Chambers* and Ben Layman
Set Design by Tricia Hobbs
Lighting Design by Scout Hough
Costume Design by Kevin Koski
Projection Design by Magnus Stark

Our Town- 2014
With Brendan Powers* and Monica Willey*
Set Design by Tricia Hobbs
Lighting Design by Scout Hough
Costume Design by Rebecca Wright

Annie- 2012
Set Design by Shannon Zura
Lighting Design by Shon Causer
Costumes by Rebecca Wright
Choreography by Nathan Halvorson

August: Osage County-  2015
Set Design by Jonathan Spencer
Lighting Design by Jonathan Spencer
Costume Design by Kevin Koski
Properties Design by Meredith Perry

End Days- 2015
Starring Megan Ward, Charlie Hanscom,  AJ Mooney, Doug Meswarb and Zach Robbins
Set Design by Dan Biladeau
Lighting Design by Jonathan Spencer
Costume Design by Kevin Koski

The Woman in Black- Penobscot Theatre Company, 2013
Starring Mark Chambers* and Brad LaBree
Scenic Design by Sean McClelland
Lighting by Jonathan Spencer
Costumes by Kevin Koski

Becky's New Car

Florida Repertory Theatre

Enchanted April, Florida Repertory Theatre, 2007. LORT D
"The script has a capable helmsman in director Bari Newport, who has once again evidenced her sure hand with comedy." Naples Daily News   

Baby, It's You

Baby, It's You (associate director), Pasadena Playhouse, 2009. LORT B
Served as Playhouse artistic liaison and dramaturge through extended rehearsal period. ran complicated, multi-faceted tech; blocked numbers; gave notes to artistic and production teams. 

Thomas EdisonFire Of Genius, Florida Repertory Theatre, 2006.
Commissioned World premiere. "Could a kids' show be more fun? More educational? More positively electric? It's hard to imagine a piece of children's theater accomplishing more in less time - and with fewer trappings... the actors gallop their audience through the life of The Man of the Millenium, rhyming, rapping and wisecracking as they go and (shh - don't tell the kids) doing plenty of first-rate historical education." Fort Myers News-Press   

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Scapino, Florida Repertory Theatre, 2007. LORT D
"Newport has blocked and choreographed the show minutely: the many entrances and exits; slaps, hits and punches; and pratfalls executed with almost military precision." Naples Daily News    


Horizon Theatre Company

WaitingThe Chem GirlsChild’s pose, Horizon Theatre Company, 2009. Developed and directed three new 20 minute pieces. 


Greenbrier Valley Theatre

The Underpants, Greenbrier Valley Theatre, 2008. LORT D "Hillarious and fast-paced live comedy... so over the top, it makes one ache with laughter." Margo Oxendine, The Recorder



Cumberland County Playhouse

First Baptist Of Ivy Gap, Cumberland County Playhouse, 2008. 
"...thank you for an outstanding job of directing my play." 
Ron Osbourne, playwright  

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Flight Of The Lawnchair Man, Cumberland County Playhouse, 2008. 
"...seeing such a wonderful mounting of my show reminds me why I write for the theatre... Thank you for lavishing such creativity and joy on LAWNCHAIR MAN. It was a thrill to see it." Robert Lindsey-Nassif, composer     

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Florida Repertory Theatre

Sherlock Holmes & The West End Horror, Florida Repertory Theatre, 2006. LORT D "Sherlock Holmes is wacky, wild fun...It’s something quite original. It’s dead funny, too. The staging cleverly layers the action on a turn-table set that constantly reconfigures itself like a kid’s Transformer toy. The show’s arch concept wouldn’t work if all the actors weren’t on the same page. Thanks to Newport they are." Fort Myers, News-Press 

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The Sugar Bean Sisters, Florida Repertory Theatre, 2005. SPT-9
 Rewritten with Bari for Florida Rep production. Published with Bari’s additions and revisions by Dramatic Publishing. 
"Newport creates truly magical world that’s tacky and wacky" Naples Daily News  

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The Middle Ages, Florida Repertory Theatre, 2006. LORT D
"The show never makes a misstep, What makes the oft-told tale work so beautifully in this production is Newport's careful orchestration of every detail, from the grounded, utterly real performances of her four cast members to the upper-middle-class bastion of male domination that is the men's-club setting, to the clipping pace and perfectly underplayed humor. Gurney understands people, and Newport understands Gurney." Naples Daily News 

Pecos Bill and The Ghost Stampede, Florida Repertory Theatre, 2004.
Florida premiere of interactive tall tale by Eric Coble. 

Fools, Florida Repertory Theatre, 2004. SPT-9
Directed and production designed this Neil Simon farcical fable with entirely original, modern concept.  Naples Daily News said: "This is the freshest, most fun work Florida Rep has ever produced...Newport has created a living comic strip on stage...Neil Simon would be amazed and fond of this eccentric, family friendly, good time...You have to see it..."  

The Underpants, Florida Repertory Theatre, 2003. SPT-9
 National Regional Theatre Premiere; First production outside of New York of Steve Martin’s rewriting of the classic 1910 German farce. 
"Florida Rep has never been so silly so successfully...a hyperactive circus of sexual slapstick, political satire and the occasional visual pun." The Fort Myers News-Press 

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The Quick and Easy Guide to Thomas Edison, Florida Repertory Theatre, 2004.
Wrote, directed and conceived original children’s play with music that toured to forty schools throughout 2003-04 season. 
"With a wide range of musical genres, from rap to country to blues, lots of kid-friendly allusions and a pace that doesn't slow for a second, the Florida Repertory Theatre puts Edison's life into perspective for children. From the non-stop laughs from young and old alike, it seems to hit its mark." Fort-Myers News-Press  


The Guys, Florida Repertory Theatre, 2002.
Florida premiere of Anne Nelson’s Off-Broadway sensation about September 11th.

Hedwig and The Angry Inch, Florida Repertory Theatre, 2002.
Southwest Florida premiere.

The Stories of Dr. Seuss, Florida Repertory Theatre, 2002.
 Directed and conceived original show (exclusive rights given from Seuss Estate) that toured to forty schools throughout the 2002-2003 season.

Williamstown Theatre Festival

Present Laughter, (assistant director) Williamstown Theatre Festival, 1996. Director: David Schweitzer.   

2 in 1 Bogosian, Williamstown Theatre Festival, 1996.
Verbal montage from Eric Bogosian’s Pounding Nails in the Floor With My Forehead.  

Williamstown Goes Solo, Williamstown Theatre Festival, 1996.
Directed twelve original pieces selected from thirty pieces that were developed and written in workshops led by Bari over the course of a month.

HOLA (Heart of Los Angeles), L.A, 1996.
Coached inner city children in the writing and acting of their own plays. 

Loves Labour's Lost

Loves Labour’s LOST: a musical, theatre 150 (ojai, california), 2010. 
"Director Bari Newport kept her wonderful cast in snappy order, controlling, dominatrix-like, the maniacal pace of Ms. Blumberg's zany confection." Santa Barbara News-Press